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Welcome to Zev’s site

Zev is a professional Vocal Coach. He is also an experienced performer, having been in bands, musicals, concerts in London and performed Internationally. 

He has vocal-coached for Musicals, for signed and unsigned Rock and Pop singers, Beat-Boxers and even Teachers, Sergeant-Majors and for business clients who want to feel more articulate and confident within their work environment. Zev coaches in as many schools in and around London as he can and has private clients from all walks of life. 

“Recently I’ve been working on how my techniques and the use of older and more established contemporary techniques can be used to help improve posture, relieve stress, open sound up and play with it, improve health, create positivity in day-to-day life and even improve confidence.

Vocal Coaching / Shaping

“Most singing techniques deal with modifying the voice by working in the area of the larynx. 

Estil, SLS and other established techniques focus on the fact that your basic technique is secure. They will touch upon posture and breath, but there is no dogmatic approach that is universal.. VBM deals with how it should feel….

How the body should feel , how the breath should feel, how the sound should feel and how the emotions should feel.. An inclusive experience! This is Vocal Body Mechanics”
Singing is not something that only happens in the neck where the sound is actually produced. There are many functions which need to happen first!

“Think of it like a whip.”

Energy and motion is initiated in the floor as we shift our weight. It goes up through our legs, our hips and up to our shoulder and moves down the arm to the wrist. It then goes through the hand and down the whip till the eventual sound is produced as a cracking sound at the end of the whip. 

Depending on where the whip is cracked will have an effect on the overall sound. If you are in a big hall the sound will be different from a whip cracked outdoors. The voice works in a similar way. If your whole body isn’t involved, then the sound won’t come out clearly.

This is why new concepts in vocal coaching are being embraced more and more by professional singers.

“Vocal Body Mechanics” is a culmination of all the vocal techniques that I have encountered in my 17 years of research and obsession with the voice, combined with muscular release exercises and relaxation techniques that I have encountered through complementary therapies and physiological studies.
Voice Shape
So, we’ve been working tirelessly to tailor our new massage techniques to the voice.. Any voice. So far we have a 100% success rate and we’re hoping to continue that into the future. It smooths out the voice. It’s called VoiceShape! VoiceShape is born out of necessity. It follows logically from VBM…
Placement Sequence
So, this is the next installment. Many of my clients and students are really now benefitting from using the new integrated warm-up, using it to not only to stretch the vocal muscles, but also to strengthen the correct muscles and release all the others. Also the ability to do this technique whilst..
Today is the first day of this Blog. It will be more of a conduit to allow me to put my basic theories of the voice down and to recognise the styles and techniques that have inspired and clarified my knowledge of the voice. PBPM is just a mnemonic for Posture, Breath, Placement and Modification….

Hints and Tips

Watch your Jaw: The jaw is an often overlooked hinderance to the voice. There are actually many jaw-release techniques that are used to help open up the voice. From massaging the muscles to positional release. The one I find easiest to teach is a myofascial release. 

Place your hands over the vertical part of the jaw just in front of the ear (like Munch’s the Scream) and pull the skin down. Breathe and relax the jaw. Do this for a minute and then try your voice without using the jaw.

Steaming: The vocal folds are just thin folds of skin and can dry out quite easily. Drinking water is always a beneficial thing, but it doesn’t go straight to the folds, it can take a while for the body to absorb and distribute that water. Steam goes straight to it. (don’t try and breath the steam straight from a kettle, that’s a little too hot!!!)

Stretching: Your body needs to support your voice, so stretches and physical warm-ups allow your voice to sit more naturally and work more efficiently. (Yoga and Pilates are always good techniques to use to become more body aware)


1. In Loving Memory, Alter Bridge
2. Make Me Happy, Wild Party
3. You Can’t Change Me, Chris Cornell
4. Rolling in the Deep, Adele
5. Work for Peace, Gil Scott- Heron


1. Myles Kennedy
2. Gil Scott-Heron
3. Kristen Chenoweth
4. Barbara Streisand (of course)
5. Mario Lanza
6. Adele
7. Tony Bennett
8. Bob Marley
9. The list goes on and on



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